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If you've got a larger or active email list that you've been marketing to but you want to improve conversion results from that list, Comm100 explains in this article what is list segmentation and how to segment your list into smaller, more targeted segments in order to drive higher conversions.

There are two phases to email list management , essentially. The first segment is acquiring a list of good, engaged users. The second segment is managing that list to optimize it. We've already discussed how managing bad email addresses and users who want to unsubscribe from the list can optimize your efforts. Here, we'll talk about how list segmentation can yield better results from your email campaigns.

In short, list segmentation is creating smaller lists, or segments, from your larger list. This, however, can be done in many ways. For example, let's say that you have an email list of 1000 names. 500 of those people have previously purchased a purple pillow from you, and 500 of them have not. Sending one email to the 500 people who previously purchased a purple pillow and offering them a discount on a matching blanket and a separate email to the 500 people who haven't purchased the purple pillow that offers a discount when the blanket and pillow are purchased together will yield a better result than sending the same email to all of your users with a more generic offer.

The basic definition is that list segmentation is the process of pulling out portions of your list who are most likely to respond to an offer and then giving them that offer.

In reality, the best way to do your list segmentation is going to be completely unique to you, but there are some common ways to look at when splitting your list up.

User State: Whether a customer has actively purchased or interacted with you in the last week, last month or last year can impact the type of offer, email and creative that you want to use. It's common to send less generous offers to active customers and larger offers to try to stimulate activity out of lapsed or inactive customers.

User State:

Purchasing History: What types of products a customer has purchased in the past can tell you a lot about what kind of offer or email they will respond to. Creating list segments based on similar purchase histories can allow you to create very targeted and successful emails.


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In many ways, 2017 was an epic year for Houston’s restaurant scene. Ahead of hosting the Super Bowl (and after), the city became home to dozens of exciting new eateries across a variety of cuisines, price points, and vibes.

But of course, with this growth comes change, and that means that some spots were forced to close their doors this year. In 2017, restaurateurs had more to contend with than the usual uncertainty of the restaurant business thanks to Hurricane Harvey, which has been blamed for more than one shutter. As 2018 bears down, pour one out for these 5 now-shuttered eateries.

In March, Houston said goodbye to Oxheart , Chef Justin Yu’s award-winning (and much-beloved eatery). The restaurant had racked up pretty much every accolade possible, including a spot in Eater critic Bill Addison’s heart. Fortunately, Yu has already returned with his creative new restaurant Theodore Rex, and is serving up some of the city’s best bar fare at his Heights watering hole Better Luck Tomorrow. Still, there’s a little bit of lingering sadness over the loss of a place that was as special as Oxheart.

“Sugar Hooker” Rebecca Masson’s bakery survived Hurricane Harvey, only to nike air max 1 white leather packer
. Masson is already hard at work getting her bakery back online, and she’s been popping up for her Saturday Morning Bake Sales at restaurants across the city. Expect for Fluff Bake Bar to return stronger than ever in 2018. Need a Fluffernutter (or a dozen) in the meantime? Place an online order for takeaway via Fluff’s website .

Chef Mark Holley’s home for Gulf fare took significant damage in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey , which forced the restaurant to close its doors as Holley dealt with “residual damage” from the storm. Considering Holley’s inventive hand with seafood, here’s hoping that 2018 brings an exciting new home for the chef.

Chef Ryan Hildebrand’s stunning eatery closed its doors in February after five years in Space City. It racked up plenty of accolades for its chic design and Gulf Coast-inspired cuisine, and even scored a coveted visit from First Lady Michelle Obama while it was opened. Fortunately, the spot has since been turned into swanky steakhouse Doris Metropolitan, and Hildebrand has found a new home at his fun new restaurant FM Kitchen Bar.

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